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    Problems Reading PDF Documents


      I just upgraded to Windows 7 and had to download Adobe Reader X.  Since then I am having problems reading some pdf files.  I use pdf files that are downloaded from several websites I do business with.  Most work just fine, but one in particular does not allow me to view the pdf files.  I only see blank windows when I attempt to launch the documents. 


      Oddly enough, when I use the Firefox browser, I don't have the problem.  It is only a problem when I use different browsers such as Internet Explorer or Secure IE.


      Any suggestions regarding how to address this issue would be appreciated.

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

          Hi Anita2790,


          Can you please let me know a few details such as:

          1. What version of IE are you using?

          2. What is the behavior when you save the PDFs from the said site onto your local system, and then try opening the same in Reader X and not a browser

          3. Also, would it be possible for you to share a link of such a file that does not open in IE?


          Thanks in advance


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            Rudi Sherry Adobe Employee

            There was a known issue in 10.0 involving PDFs downloaded from websites that secure their files with certain HTTP directives; mostly financial and medical institutions but also others.  This has been fixed in 10.0.1, and upgrading should fix that.