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    Dreamweaver or Flash Catalyst ???


      I have almost finished designing my website on Photoshop. My design  looks similar to www.psyop.tv, with main menu on the left. Now I am  confused between Flash Catalyst and Dreamweaver, which one should I pick  to move ahead with the development.

      I have two requirements:

      1 - Menu...I think I can easily create that kind of open and close menu  interactivity in Flash Catalyst rather than Dreamweaver or do you think  it is possible in Dreamweaver?

      2 - Audio player...I need an audio player to showcase my work done for  every artist. Just like on Psyop.tv if you click on any thing in the  main menu, a separate page comes with the artwork and links for video  player. It could be one audio player with playlist or more than one  player for different files. If I go for Flash Catalyst I get very  limited controls over the player.

      I was thinking that I go with Dreamweaver, because it will solve my  player problem. I can embed an external player like Bandcamp, which is  very cool. But what about the main menu...Can I create a similar menu  like psyop.tv on Dreamweaver ?

      Thank you in advance for your comments.

      - Kashif