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    Why do character styles disappear after an upgrade to RH9? And more...


      I am trying out version 3 of the technical communication suite and have developed a few concerns about RoboHelp 9. I'm wondering if anyone has feedback on the following:


      After opening a version 7 project in RoboHelp 9, I noticed that all of my custom character styles are gone. They are not listed in the "style" pane (when the drop-down is set to either "Character Styles" or "Paragraph and Character Styles"), and the text itself does not look correct. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I checked the RH9 release notes, and the three known issues listed have nothing to do with character styles.


      On a broader note, I read elsewhere in this forum that upgrading from RH version 7 to either 8 or 9 can be painful. Does anyone know whether Adobe (or anyone else) has a list of upgrade warnings, or a list of proposed solutions for making the upgrade process go more smoothly? I'm not seeing anything in the official Adobe documentation, though I could be missing it.

      Also, if anyone has an opinion on whether the  FrameMaker-RoboHelp integration is better in version 3 of technical communications suite (compared with  version 1, which is I am), I would be interested in hearing your reactions. After a first pass, the only part of the version 3 suite I'm really impressed with is the new Acrobat.