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    Tweening Embedded Video?


      Here's what I want to do....


      I have an embedded video of a Car Chase. I want to have it playing within the frame and at a certain point I want to increase the size/scale of the video while it still continue's to play seamlesslly, and then have it stop growing in size and continue to play at it's new increased size.


      For one, when I make any new keyframe, the new keyframe is the first frame of the video. I want the ability to manpulate keyframes within the video. I understand there might be a way to do this with the way you export the video. I've tried the keyframe space option in Adobe Media Encoder and I didn't notice any difference, but I might be doing this operation wrong (itemizing the instructions would be extremely helpful if you know how to do this). When I make two keyframes (one small and one big 100 frames away) and then apply a Classic Tween between the two, nothing seems to happen.


      Any help would be appreciated.