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    Can I change a Projects Settings after project completed?

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      I have a query regarding project settings.  I have completed a project using video and still images but have realised afterwards that I should have set it up initially as PAL-DV Standard instead of PAL-DV Widescreen.  Is there a way that I can go back and change the settings now or do I have to start over and re-do all of my importing again?  Is there a way that I can change the output to disc to compensate?  In the "Share" option I have tried outputting to DVD using Standard and Widescreen options but I still think the ratios look wrong.


      Also, if this is not possible, is it possible to export the entire movie into a new project that has the correct settings that can still be edited and malipulated in the new project?


      Any info greatly appreciated before I tackle this whole project again.  I am running PE4.


      Thanks, Rachel

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          Unfortunately, PrE does not make this easy. In PrPro, one could just create a New Sequence with the proper settings, then do a Ctrl+A (Select All) for the faulted Sequcne, Ctrl+C (Copy), select the new Sequence, Target the Tracks, set the CTI to 00;00;00;00, then do Ctrl+V (Paste). Done.


          There is a Clipboard extender, Clipmate, that gets good reviews here. I have not used it, but others have. It allows one to do the Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V into a new Project, with the proper settings. This would be how I would approach things.


          Some users have had good fortune hacking the PREL (Project) file, which is basically just an XML database with links and XML instructions. If one were to do this, I would first strongly recommend only working with a Copy of the PREL. Then, set up a New Project, with the proper settings, and use that as my "template" to make changes to the XML, as it will have the proper formatting. I'd keep both PREL files open, and go line by line, knowing that the PREL form your Project (that Copy), will have all the links and instructions.


          Good luck,