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    DG Fast Channel Presets


      CS5 now comes with (2) mpeg2 system presets for DG Fast Channel (DG Fast Channel 480 and 512), which is great, but they don't seem to be accurate.  We deal with DG Fast Channel on a regular basis, and as recent as last month we confirmed the settings with them on both SD and HD.  With that, this is both a question and a comment.


      • Comment:  Though broadcast is lower fields, DG's system takes the files as upper field in order to playback correctly.  That said, the built it CS5 presets are setup as lower field.  The SD preset is also set to a 18Mbps CBR though we have confirmed it as 2-pass VBR, maxing out at 15Mbps.  [There are other discrepancies, but these seem to be the most notible.]
      • Question:  Is Adobe aware of the discrepancies and is this being updated?