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    AVC-HD video from Panasonic HS-250K needs to render?


      Hi there.


      Just got upgraded to Premiere Pro CS5, mostly because of it's ability to playback nearly everything without rendering. I have found this is true to a point.


      I imported footage I shot on a Panasonic AVC-HD camera, into an AVC-HD (1080p) project and while the footage will play (with the yellow render line above the sequence), it looks blocky and artifacty.


      The only time I could get the footage to play correctly is if I rendered it in a different sequence.


      What's going on?  I thought this was the whole reason for the Mercury Playback Engine...to play all the most popular codecs without rendering.  Same thing when I tried to mix AVC-HD and some footage from a 5d.  Had to render the AVC-HD.  Again, thought the whole point and what made Premiere Pro CS5 so powerful was the Mercury Playback Engine not needing to render.  I have seen demos of a guy using AVC-Intra and RED footage and DVCProHD footage, six layers deep, and they all played fine...no rendering.  What am I missing?


      If anyone can clarify, I'd be most appreciative.