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    I could really use some Flash CS4 help.....


      I have used Flash CS4 but I have a problem that no one seems to have an answer?  This may be a bug in the software, I don't really know.  Here's the problem:

      I create a flash movie, including sound clips, and export the movie in an .avi format and the masks won't work.

      I export the exact same movie in a .swf format and the masks work but the sound clips don't.   The sound clips don't even show as a "blue bar" across the movie as they normally do?


      Do any of your really intelligent people know how to get the export of a movie in Flash CS$ into a .avi or .swf format making both the masks and sound clips work?   I'm using Corel Video Studio Pro X2 on a PC.  Ton's of RAM.   I build this computer to build video's.