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    Browse Sequences = Topics + bookmarks?

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      I'm running RH8, WebHelp.


      I've manually created browse sequences with no problems on a project.  Now, I want to add a couple of  "bookmarks" to my browse sequences, in addition to topics.


      When I traverse "next" or down my browse sequence, the bookmark is skipped.  When I traverse "previous" or up my browse sequence, this bookmark displays and the previous topic skips.


      I can't figure out the issue...


      Here's an example of the browse sequence:







      So, here's what I get:


      Down:  Topic1> Topic2> Topic 3


      Up:  Topic3 > Topic2#bookmark > Topic1


      Also, I have Topic2#bookmark listed in my TOC...so it looks odd if you're watching the TOC while clicking through the browse sequences.  Going down the browse sequence, topic#bookmark is skipped in the TOC, going up it's not.  (mirrors the browse sequence issues).



      I thought I could add bookmarks to browse sequences, but maybe not?  Any suggestions?  



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          It seems that bookmarks in Browse Sequences is not working in WebHelp for your project.


          To get TOC not refresh the movement while clicking the browse sequence in WebHelp, you may set the "Synchronise TOC" option to unchecked and then the TOC view will not be updated accordingly.


          You may please access this option in the WebHelp SSL  settings dialog box on the second pane last option.


          Hope it helps