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    Set a data list, with scrollbar, to appear scrolled to a given index item when opened?

    Stupid American

      I hope this will make sense without screenshots.


      I'm trying to emulate a website, similar to how Temulator.com emulates Windows.  On the website, there are many "more info" links that each open an info.html page as a pop-up window, only each link has a #item anchor; so if you click on the "more info" link relating to addresses, it will open the pop-up window containg info.html, scrolled down to the #addresses section.


      I can make a data list that looks like the original website's pop-up window, with a vertical scrollbar.  What I can't figure out is how to simulate the html anchor, to make the data list open to a given scrolled position.  If I set property > selected index > 15, all it does is highlight that item.


      I don't see any option to set the position of a scrollbar.  If I select it and set Component > Value > 50, I see the scrollbar position change inside Flash Catalyst; but it doesn't change when I run the project.


      This pop-up window doesn't have to be a datalist.  I could even ditch the functional scrollbar.  As a last resort, I could just take individual screenshots for each pop-up window that opens when you click a given "more info" link.  Ideally, though, I'd like the Flash emulator to simulate the original website exactly--the "more info" link opens the same page every time, as a pop-up window, just scrolled to a different position.