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    Premeire cs5, raid 0 (2 drives) whats the best 2 tb drives to use for avchd/hdv?

    Steve from NY Level 1

      I want to stripe (2) 2 TB drives together for Raid 0. What's the best drives to use for avchd/hdv editing? Does the size of the cache matter? Would 3 drives be faster or is my processor the bottle neck.


      Windows 7,  2 + year old Quad Core Q9650 @ 3 GHZ, Nvidia Geforce GTS450, Premeire cs5, , 8 gigs ram.


      I have 1 system 10,000 rpm drive

      & an existing (2 drive) 1 gig each Raid 0 for all video/audio/project files..


      I want to add a 2nd raid 0. Hoping for more RT with the 2nd newer raid without changing out the MB or processor.