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    Cannot open ebook...


      I've downloaded an ebook for Adobe Digital Editions, which is fine as it works on the computer where I downloaded it.  But it has become apparent that the ebook will open up only on my original computer and no others, even after I authorise them for ADE.  It seems that the book was not embedded properly with my digital signature for ADE when the book was downloaded.  After lengthy discussions with Adobe Support, the most significant thing they've accomplished is to fix up my original computer by remote access so that the book won't open there either.  So now I cannot read the book at all.  Adobe support says there is nothing they can do for me, and I also cannot get help from the vendor of the book as the publisher stopped distributing the book soon after I bought it.  This is the only ebook I have ever purchased and my account with ADE was created at the same time, so technically there should be no problems.


      After searching forums, I can see that problems with ADE are common, and that support from Adobe is extremely poor.  I doubt that I will ever touch another ADE ebook again. Other than buying an ADRM remover is there anything I can do to solve the problem?