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    How Modify Frames in a Voiceover (audio/sound) Timeline ?


      I'm trying to modify many .fla files (in CS3) that have a voiceover layer on them .  Because I'm adding or deleting other items on the stage, I need to adjust the audio fo synch with the modified flash file.  I have tried deleting frames and this happens -  I select the unwanted frames, such as frames 200 to 300 of a 500 frame file.  Then, the audio from frames 300 to 500 (at the end of the file) gets deleted instead.


      I need to create gaps (like 200 frames of no sound) in the audio (.wav) file so I tried adding blank frames.   When I click on "insert frames" in the middle of the timeline, Flash adds the new frames to the end of the sound timeline.


      I also tried adding a keyframe at the beginnig of the range and Flash deleted all the frames after the keyframe.


      It looks like any modification to the sound/audio layer only affects the end of the timeline.    How do I modify sound parts in the middle of the timeline?    I know this can be done but how?


      Details: The audio layer (.wav) runs the whole length of the Flash file.  The .wav file is a sound file in the Library;  22kHz Mono 16-bit 27.4s 12.1kb. The files were created in CS3.  These files work fine.