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    blank stage


      I'm fairly new to using flash cs4, so hopefully this is an easy fix. I've done several animations and was able to export them with no problem.  On my most recent file, flash would crash every time I tried to export it.  Eventually when I opened the file the stage was blank.  The timeline showed all the layers as if the animation was there, but nothing appeared in the stage.  Now I've tried opening all of my files and they're all blank in the stage! (but not in the timeline)  When I draw on the stage the lines appear as normal until I lift the pen from the tablet, then they disappear!  I have several animations in various stages of completion and they all have gone blank so I can't work on them. I'm running cs4 on windows7 and I've heard there are compatabilty problems, please help!

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          kglad-zqbLf4 Level 3

          upload one your fla's to a files server and post a link here.

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            carl schooff Level 3

            i've seen this a few times but never on multiple files or consistantly.


            double-click on a symbol's icon in the library to go into symbol-edit mode, then click back out to the scene 1 timeline by clicking on the Scene 1 button up top.


            that usually works, or try resetting your workspace. window > workspace > reset 'some workspace'

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              The contents of your user configuration folder and preferences might be corrupted.


              Please try this:

              1. Navigate to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Adobe\.

              2. Rename Flash CS4 folder to some other name.

              3. Relaunch Flash.

              Note that relaunching Flash will create a new Flash CS4 folder. Now see if the stage is still blank when you open your files.


              If this solves your problem, switch back to the old Flash CS4 folder (make sure to rename it back to Flash CS4) and see if the problem comes back. If the problem came back, please zip the problematic Flash CS4 folder. Rename the extension .zip to .zzz and email it to me at FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com.




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                i have the same Problem. My Stage is always emtpy. When i start a new Projekt i can draw on the stage, but when is stop painting the line dissapears. when i drag elements on the stage, nothings happens.


                It seems, that the objects are on the stage, but they arent visible.

                When i export those swf files, everything is okay.


                Thank you for help.