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      This may have been asked a million times. All my personal effects settings, can they be imported to AA4? I know that after AA1 you did away with the feature where you could copy the .ini file.

      Please could this be reintroduced or some fancy Adobe transfer gizmo designed.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Audition 4 will attempt to import existing Audition 3 preferences, but at this time, not effects presets.  The internal effects have changed substantially enough to not offer direct 1:1 parameter mappings.


          For third-party VST effect presets, a workaround may exist whereby you insert an instance of each effect into a rack with each preset selected, export as XML or convert using a session conversion tool, and import into Audition 4.  Provided the effects are present in Audition 4, you should be able to open each effects rack item and save it's parameter configuration as a new Preset.


          Moving forward, I'm really hoping I can encourage better migration of presets and parameters.  I feel this has been an area that's been neglected in many ways, but that can make upgrading and sharing versions on a system such a better experience.  Baby steps have been taken with Audition 4 with the ability to export and import application preferences from within the application, but expanding this foundation to the other areas of stored settings is a goal.