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    Problem reading/rendering/unpackaging video files.


      Hey, I got a trial version of AE CS5 (for composition .psds, rotoscope etc.) and have been playing around with it, trying to get used to the UI etc before I make the big decision weather to buy it or not and for the most of it, it works great(obviously, it's industry standard)...



      ...Until I tried to import actual video codecs. The problem with these vids(I.e. .mp4 ,.mov files etc.) is that when they are viewed in AE they are slowed down so much that it shows 1 frame in approx. 1-2 secs. and that is maintained to the final exported movie file.  Here Is a pic of the timeline: if you can squint your eyes, you can notice how the render bar shows only 1 green bar-fraction every once in a while.




      Picture 5.png


      When starting the new composition, I pretty much used the default composition settings, but i made some changes to suit the video files i would import(DVC 16:9 640x480 60 frames) and it's basically the same story with Importing the files.

      I'm using an imac 27"Late 06' model.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!