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    Best way to display pdf  within Air application

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      <mx:Canvas id="rTE" width="100%" height="100%" borderStyle="solid" borderVisible="true" borderColor="#000000">

      <mx:HTML id="reader" width="100%" height="200" y="0" locationChange="reader_locationChangeHandler(event)"

      htmlRender="reader_htmlRenderHandler(event)" verticalScrollBarStyleName="




      The actual problem is during runtime i populate the reader.location. i.e the html component to display .html or .pdf file in air apllication


      reader.location="Url"; i.e accessing html component


      This Url is coming from server upon an http request.


      The Url may contain .html file or .pdf file


      i.e reader.location = " Url .html";   When the file is html i.e with .html extension no problem occurs there is no problem in overlapping


      But the problem occurs when the Url has .pdf extension


      i.e reader.location = " Url.pdf"; when the file is with .pdf extension i.e overlapping occurs here


      Is there a problem in displaying pdf file in within  html component, should i have to use any other approch to display pdf file from server within air application


      am i using a wrong approach to do so...


      pls let me know, by giving me an hint



      Can u pls let me know which is the best way to display pdf...........within air application


      Thanks & Regards