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    Program opens with blank black screen


      I have been using Audition in Windows since it was CoolEdit. Great program. Never a problem.


      I downloaded Audition for Mac Beta and have been using it for a month or so. One day it opened in Mixer mode. After hitting a few of the wrong buttons (apparently) all content all disappeared. It opens to a blank screen.

      I finally uninstalled the program and downloaded it again, but I get the same screen.


      Is there a "re-set" to original default box or setting? How can I start over from scratch? Would this be a design flaw?




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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          It sounds like the "Workspace" selected has either been corrupted, or through some series of circumstances is otherwise hiding the panels.  Try the following and see if it helps restore things:


          1.  If you see the application menu bar at the top, Choose Window > Workspace > Reset "Default"


          2.  Hold down the SHIFT key while launching Audition.


          3.  Open Finder, navigating to /<user>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Audition/4.0/ and delete or rename the "Workspace" folder.  Then launch Audition once more and the workspaces should be rebuilt.


          If neither of these suggestions works, please let me know and we can continue troubleshooting.