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    FB Burrito Crashes While Working On Project: PLEASE HELP!


      The installation was fine, and it doesn't crash during start-up (like most of the issues I've seen here, thus far).


      But, as I'm working on my project, it stalls, then abruptly shuts down with no warning (sometimes, I DO get a warning about having to close the workspace).


      Also, sometimes while working, I get a "double screen" effect; obviously, a glitch.


      All of these things happen while working in Design Mode.


      PS-Yes, I did uninstall and reinstall multiple times.


      A few computer spec details:


      HP Pavilion dv7

      Running Windows 7 Ultimate

      64-bit OS

      4GB of RAM (3.75GB usable)

      2.20GHz AMD Dual-Core Mobile Processor