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    16 to 19 new Features for InDesign.

    Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1

      16th. With page Tool selected we must be able to  choose selection & Direct selection Tool by pressing Ctrl key to get  these tools temporarly.



      17th.  We must be able to select more objects on different spreads at the same  time, when we zoom out to see more pages on pasteboard. now we want to  align all selected objects at the center on their pages vertically &  horizontally etc. there nust be check box availble in Align panel (  Align All ).


      18th. Page Tool must be able to  select many pages at the same time by pressing Shift Key or with Page  Tool selected click & Drag on all over pages to select many pages.


      19th.  With many pages selected by using Page Tool there must be check box  availble in the Controle bar fit all pages tp the content.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          # 16 already exists in CS5.  All tools are now "spring loaded." Press and hold V for Selection tool, A for Direct Select. Release teh key to return to the previous tool.

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            Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1

            Dear Peter I did it but its not working, as you said, & also when selection Tool is selected we must be able to select direct selection tool by pressing Ctrl key to get it temporarly & if direct selection tool is slected we would press Ctrl key to get selection tool temporarly. like Illustrator. bytheway I am using Middle Eastern, maybe That problem is in M.E.

            But thats OK!!! Pressing Ctrl key to get these tools temporarly is better idea than pressing their own shortcuts.

            & Adobe should remove Frame Tools from InDesign b/c everyone knows these days, in InDesign basic shape tools can be changed into Frames & text frames, & text Frames also. Why rough/extra icons are needed?? in beautiful interface of lovely InDesign, few people say this is just for Quark Express user or another page layout program users, but in my idea every one know, now InDesign is the worlds no: 1 application for pagelayout & every one can see the free tutorials on TV.Adobe.com & if any person who is new user of InDesign, when that person start InDesign, that person will be welcomed by InDesign's Beautiful welcome screen, & in welcome screen there is written "Learn more about Adobe© Indesign© CS5 on Adobe TV", now no body should say ooooh with internet connected we are able to see these text!!!!! I know, but in these days computer users always use net, or I should say internet is the part of modern life, its enough to understand.


            20th. feature

            Script in InDesign ???? why ?

            in future there must be Actions in InDesign, just like Illustrator & Photoshop so that every user of indesign can understand actions in Ai & Ps, Ps & Ai users can understand in ID easily, it will be the best for new & old users. I know actions are also script, but action are easy to understand & easily can be created by anyone, & history panel is also necessary for InDesign, I know thirdparty plugins are available, but Adobe should release their applications flexible for Adobe users.

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              Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1

              Feature no. 22 & 23 Programming Languages & Browser Compatibility


              All feature of Other Web Designing Applications for Programming Languages & Browser Compatibility


              http://web-design-software.findthebest.com/compare/3-31/WebPlus-X5-by-Serif-vs-Adobe-InDes ign-CS5-5-by-Adobe


              http://web-design-software.findthebest.com/compare/15-31/Expression-Studio-4-Web-Professio nal-by-Microsoft-vs-Adobe-InDesign-CS5-5-by-Adobe


              In my case CS6 would be able to do that & it would be better, InDesign user love it but after these Features Web Developers also will buy & use Lovely InDesign. & This time InDesign is on 3rd number in the

              Compare Web Design Software



              but I am sure after these features InDesign will be number no.1 in the World.