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    Could use some Flash / UI assistance



      Hey folks - I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this type of thing.  However we’re looking for a talented, front-end UI developer with top-notch Flash/Flex and Javascript experience and ideally some graphics design expertise, to help out with a nearly ready to go live web service offering.   We require someone who is extremely proficient in Flash and Flex, and with sufficient graphics design skills to help take our vision and improve the user experience beyond what we have developed and even envisioned.

      We are an early stage Seattle-based company, just 1-2 months away from launching a compelling new online service offering.  The service is undergoing a limited invitation only beta release in a few weeks, and we could use some help enhancing the user experience.


      Hours are flexible and the work is part time/contract over the next 6-8 weeks and possibly full time or continuing P/T after that.


      Please contact Bruce Worrall for additional information @ bruceworrall@comcast.net

      Again if it's 'bad form' or is the wrong place to post this type of info, my apologies.