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    button won't work after calling another swf



      I have a scene where multiple buttons appear.

      One of them calls a  different swf file with loadMovie(). The other swf has a button that  uses the same function to return to the original swf (i have created a  swf for every scene of the original fla and so I can return to the exact  scene where I was). Another button in my original scene just calls another scene  of the same swf with gotoAndPlay.

      So far so good.

      The problem is that after I go forth and back to the external swf, using the 1st button, the  other button (that sends the user to another scene) won't work. It just  does nothing.

      (Although every other button in the scene keeps working).

      Using AS2 in CS5 (don't ask why i didn't use AS3 - noob).

      Any ideas?