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    hdv footage not in sync

    BradshawWhite Level 1

      Hi, I'm running into some bizarre problems with 50i hdv footage in cs5.


      The footage is ok when played directly from the drive in vlc or media player but once it's in premiere the video is 3 frames behind the audio. It means everything is out of sync when I export it and three frames is pretty noticeable.


      when doing certain types of video I will place markers on the sequence so they allign to the beat of the audio track being used. Then I snap the edges of each video clip to a marker so the cuts are in time to the music. When exported the cuts are still in time to the audio track so it's as if the audio of the hdv clips are a few frames early.


      It's really confusing because I can't figure out whats actually in sync but any advice would be amazing. At the minute I have to unlink my clips and nudge the audio forward three frames to get it in sync with the video.


      This is running on a EVGA SR-2 and I don't remember having this problem with my older dell when using cs5. I also have an MXO2 but this seems to be happening in Matrox sequences and normal adobes sequences.


      Any ideas where to start looking?


      Thanks in advance.