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    "Document License Expired"

    shadow spaulding

      "document license expired" is the message I receive when I try to download an ebook from the public library.  I have been successful doing this in the past.  Then my husband reformatted the computer so I had to re-download ADE.  I did that successfully and it is properly authorized.  The date on my computer is accurate.  I contacted the library and answered all their questions but they were unable to determine the problem and do not believe the problem is on their end.  Can anyone help?

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          eBooks are licensed by their publishers.  I'm guessing here, but I do think

          the problem's on the library's side, because there is nothing ADE is doing

          about document licenses other than reading them during an attempted

          download.  If ADE detects a document license that's not valid, I assume that

          ADE would show this message because that's the way other ebook software



          Check on this yourself.  If you have a book in ADE's library - library book

          or not - then click on the dropdown box in the upper left of the book when

          you pass your cursor over the book.  Pick the "Item Info" line.  It will

          display information about the book, including licensing information.


          Hope this helps!


          Tom Bell (Frustrated in AZ)


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            shadow spaulding Level 1

            Thanks!  I'll give it a try and reconnect with the library.