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    How to know my version


      How do I know what version I have?  Computer said "You have a new thing to install," so I installed it, but I always like to know what version I'm on.  I don't know what version I'm on.  All I know is, a colleague sent my Version X a few days ago (early Feb 2011), and now apparently Version X has an update, but I can't find it for beans.  Doing an "about" or "help" doesn't seem to give me the info.


      Sorry if a million people have asked this question already, but I don't really know how to find stuff like this.  If I try to "search forums" while I'm asking this question, I get threatening messages from the Internet like "You didn't save something-or-other.  You sure you want to leave this page?"  So, OK, I'll ask this question even though I bet a million people asked it already.  I apologize.  Once I get an answer, I'll keep it in the desktop "hints" file I made long ago, and I'll never have to bother you other Adobe users with the same thing again.


      Thanks in advance -- Amy

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          vsh07 Level 2

          Just open reader and go to Help>About Reader X and you will get "Adobe Reader X " screen which has Reader version at bottom left as shown in the screenshot below.If you have applied the latest update ,then your version will come as 10.0.1.


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            Amy-in-PA Level 1

            Found it!  The "help, about" screen seems to have two different About's!  The first one I found, "Help, About Help" was useless.  The second one, "Help, About the actual Adobe program" gave me what I wanted to know -- that this program goes from the year 1984 to the year 2010 or 2011, and at the bottom of the screen, it had a version 10.0.1 -- so that's obviously the latest update.


            Sorry to have bothered you all.  All's well that ends well -- Amy


            EDIT:  Thanks, VSH07.  I just saw your post after I experimented, found my own answer, and let the world know about it. -- Amy