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    Freezeframe after Rotobrush




      After a wicked week of snowboarding I took the task of editting the video on me.


      I want to make the intro like Rock n Rolla.


      I got a video of one of my mates jump a ramp, and i want to make the background change when he is in the air, make him fly a bit, freeze him and animate his name into the new background, then after a few seconds make him fly on again and cut back to the video where he lands.


      So far i have rotoscoped him out and now i wanted to make him freeze.

      But when I enable time remapping, put two keyframes a frame appart and try to drag the second keyframe to where i want him to resume moving again. He freezes but the outline of the rotoscope doesnt.


      What am i doing wrong?

      Is there a way to bind the timeline of the rotoscope outline to the timeline of the image?


      I hope you guys kinda understand what im talking about, its prolly a mayor newbie mistake but hey... all gurus were newbies once