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    FB Burrito pushView/popView Animation vs Android's Transition Animation


      This question is directed towards the Flash Builder Burrito Development Team:


      When I select "No Animations" on my Android phone, the transition animations within the apps on my phone are all disabled, which is expected.  I've noticed two things regarding "view" transitions within apps developed with FB Burrito (tested on my Android phone: HTC Evo 4G):


      1.  When "No Animations" is selected, the pushView/popView animations still occur, indicating that apps developed with FBB operate independently from Android's transition animation system.

      2.  The frame rate of the view animations within the FBB-developed app is much slower than the phone's frame rate (47-50 fps), even when the frame rate is set to 50 fps within the app; whereas, non-FBB-developed apps' transition animations operate at the phone's frame rate (in this case, 47-50 fps).


      From usability and aesthetic standpoints, this may be problematic:

      1.  If users choose to turn off their phones' animations, they will have to deal with the independently-operated transtion animations with FBB-developed apps (usability issue).

      2.  If users keep their phones' animations on, they will have to deal with the aesthetically unplesant slow transition frame rate of FBB-developed apps (aesthetic issue).


      My question is: Within the final build of FBB, will view transitions operate off of Android's animation system, or will they remain independent?


      PS-LOVE the progress you guys at Adobe are making constantly to make muti-screen development more efficient!  Adobe FTW!