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    Build in Burrito now with Slider?Hope for IOS Support? or go CS5 Custom

    RJ Forbes

      I have a couple mobile application projects coming up that are going to be distributed on both Android and IOS.  I have published for Android and its smooth as butter.  I would like to use the new Flash Builder Burrito Slider tools for this next project but there is no support for IOS and no confirmed date.  Can we get atleast a (Q1,Q2) schedule for the extended IOS support?  Like I said, the android and playbook support is spot on, but lets be realistic here in that we have to push to the big elephant in the room as well and we need to know atleast when.


      So the question would be, 


      Create the apps with Flash Bulder Burrito's new mobile optimised content and hope that adobe updates the publisher before the next quarter?




      Create the apps with custom layouts,navigators,views, and general hacks(retina displaysX2) using the current Packager for IOS?


      I know that you can compile the flex gerated app with the packager but Ive have not read any positive reviews on the results and seems dodgy still.