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    Crash when rendering a project


      i have a that i made and im ready to render it but the only prolam is when i try to render it in a AVI format or something simmilar it will render until it will get to so many frams and then it will tell me :After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was <1928> <Get DepthPinFlags> <5> 32:32 bit i render the video by going to Compisition>add to render Queue i usualy render the video as a AVI file and then when it gets so far it will give me the error message above if any additional details are needed please ask me because i am not very good with edditing software like this

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          Comp size, frame rate, footage involved? And please re-read my reply to your question from yesterday. It may already contain the answer to your problem. Aside from that, simply try rendering to an image sequence and see if it makes any difference.



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            i tried rendering as a image sequance it didnt work, the frame rate is 30 fps, and the file types are AVI and there is one mp4 that is a song but i tried rendering as an image sequance again this time i had all AVI files and all it gave me was a bunch of pictures not video i did try what you said yesterday and it didnt work the compisition is also 1minute and 40 seconds i dont know how to check the size in terms of gigabites