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    Why are some tiff images exported from pdf file blank?


      I routinely export an image from one of my club's pdf newsletters by opening it with reader, clicking on the image (it turns blue), then dragging it to the desktop.


      This creates a tiff file of the desired image.  Easy, peezy!


      This has worked on all of our newsletters dating back to 2002 ... and also for the newsletters in 2000 .... but for 6 of the 2001 newsletters, something strange is happening.  When I extract certain images out of them, the tiff file that is created contains a blank transparent image.  Interestingly, the pixel dimensions of the extracted image are correct .... proving that at least some of the image's metadata is being extracted .... but the image itself is blank.  Also interesting is that the size of the blank extracted files seems to be what one would expect if they actually had a non-blank image ... a couple 100 Kb in the typical case.


      There are two newsletters in 2001 from which I can extract non-blank tiff images, all of the other newsletters produce the blank tiff images.  (btw: the images are not blank in the newsletters themselves, just the extracted tiffs are blank).  I notice that the two 'good' newsletters were converted from Pagemaker 6.5 into PDF by Acrobat Distiller 3.0 (Windows), the 'bad' newsletters were converted from Pagemaker 6.5 into PDF by Acrobat Distiller 5.0.5 (Windows).


      Even more confusing is that all of the newsletters from later years were also converted to PDF by Distiller 5.0.5 .... yet I was able to extract non-blank images from them as described above ... yes ... that's right ... Distiller 5.0.5 seems correlated to the problem in 2001, but not after 2001.


      Another important datum:  Both the good and bad newsletters all have security settings that allow content extraction.


      Anyone inclined to look at this can get samples here:  http://www.sandiegoflyfishers.com/newsletters.htm.  My interest is in extracting the feature image from the 'Fly of the Month' article that appears in each issue.  The 'fly' image can successfully be extracted from the Feb 2001 and Mar 2001 issues as I've described above, but the Apr-Oct 2001 issues exhibit the blanking problem when one try's to extract the Fly of the Month image.  You should be able to extract the 'fly' image from any newsletter after Dec 2001.


      I can work around this using screenshots, but I'd really like to know a proper fix (if there is one) rather than using a hack.


      Any ideas?



      Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger)

      Adobe Reader 9.2