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    How to transfer ebooks between different family pc's?


      Ebooks are supposed to simulate real books.  It is normal in a family to buy a book and for any family member to be able to read it.  How can we do this with ebooks and ADE?


      We have 2 pc's and a laptop, each with ADE on them, authorized to that specific pc.  If we want to transfer from A to B we need to set up ADE on B in the same name as in A.  But B already has ADE on it authorized to B.  Even if we uninstall ADE on B and seek to re-install it with A's address, it comes up as the old B address, which cannot accept transfers from A.


      How in reality is this done?

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          wyvernian Level 1

          Prompt reply by Adobe staff.  Apparantly there is a command, "Ctrl+Shift+D" which enables one to deauthorize a pc/laptop, leavit free to be authorized afresh with the donor's details.  Does raise the question why such a command is not shown in the Library menu, and how many other commands may be lurking secretly.

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            Hmmm....  Lemme think......


            A disclaimer: I'm an old fart who's been working with computers since the

            stone age (1967).  Some things change - some do not, regardless of the

            technology.  And my experience with ADE and ebook readers is limited to what

            I've been doing since the beginning of this year.  So, what I can tell you

            is more theoretical than experience....  With that in mind:


            Ebooks may simulate real books, but that doesn't mean you can do the same

            things with them.  Once you download a book to a particular device (PC, MAC

            or ereader), the computer and the software register it according to the

            'tags' created by the publisher.  You can see those tags if you click on the

            very tiny drop-down box in the upper left corner of the book's cover in

            Library view.  Click on 'Item Info'.  You'll see the permissions the

            publisher has set up, such as reading on devices, copying and printing.  If

            you can copy the book, then you could use PC or MAC tools to copy it to a

            thumb drive, then take it to the other computer and download it into their

            ADE library, making sure it goes in the same folder name on the other

            computer.  If the publisher doesn't allow copying, there are electronic

            'tags' built into the file on your computer that will not let the book be

            opened on any other computer.  And that sounds like what's happening to



            Short of buying their own copy, the only solution I can think of is sharing

            the computer....  Sorry!


            Tom Bell (Frustrated in AZ)

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              wyvernian Level 1

              Thanks for taking the trouble to respond.

              I did in fact get an answer from Adobe support that enabled me to achieve what I wanted.  I have put the relevant facts on the forum.  It's not perfect but enough to achieve what we need.




              Gunter Lawson


              tel 020 8346 5208