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    Adobe Reader attempting to send email How to stop this?


      Hi thanks in advance:
      My clients have adobe reader on their computer.

      They are filling out our online PDF application (XML) form ( live cycle) , Pressing submi button. ( normally the xml file goes straight to outlook or similar and you press send, no problems)


      However one client presses the submit button, his email goes to a box that says, Adobe reader attempting to send email | Click Yes - No.

      If you click No nothing happens,

      If you click Yes the email does not send, and it hangs the computer. Every time you try to go to Outlook it just makes a ding sound, If you try to resend it you just get a ding sound. It seems to hang everything.


      How do I stop Adobe Reader from trying to send the email when the submit button is pressed?

      I want outlook to send the  email not adobe reader?


      Marjorie Lord