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      I created a project and was in the later stages of editing. I added a variety of video clips, photos, transistions, etc. All along the way, I was able to playback the video I was creating either throught the main window or if I opened up individual clips. I even burned a draft DVD to play on the TV and had no issues. Now, when I open the same project in PSE 8 and click play nothing happens. I open another project that worked in the past and had the same results, no video playback. The icon changes from |> to = when I click the playbutton. The video just doens not play in edit or organize mode. Although, the video did playback a little jerky before this no play problem occured. The video did play with sound that I added either through the video track or something I added.


      I am using a HP M380N computer with Windows Xp Sp3, 3Gb RAM, 10GB available on hardrive(?), NVIDIA FX 5200 video card.


      Any advice to solve problem of no playback and jerky playback when I can resume what I was able to do in the past....thanks Gary

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          10GB available on hardrive(?),


          This is not really enough to load the program, and open a Project. You need between 30 - 50GB of defragmented free space.


          The reason that you could probably playback before, was that you had more room. Now, you have filled your HDD to near total capacity.


          I would clear about 30 - 50GB of space, or add additional HDD's, and allocate them differently. See this ARTICLE.


          When a HDD gets to about 70% capacity, it begins to slow. the closer to 100%, the more likely that the HDD will fail, and at the very best, you are mechanically stressing the HDD, as the heads have to travel over the entire diameter of the platters.


          If you still have issues, after cleaning up the HDD, quite a bit, please offer the full details of the Assets and the Project.


          Good luck,




          PS - Welcome to the forum.