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    Browser Crash - Cairgorm Event (maybe?)

    jDubz_ Level 1

      I have an image gallery CMS that uploads files via PHP. It's been working fine for my client for about a year. All of a sudden I now have the browser crashing after completing an upload, when writing the XML file containing the gallery data. Throughout this past year I haven't changed anything in the back end CMS, only maybe the front end. I've probably updated my SDK and Flash Player over time.


      Debugging the program I notice this strange error when my "WriteXMLFileEvent extends CairngormEvent" is dispatched. The constructor for my class calls super() which leads to "com.adobe.cairngorm.control::CairngormEvent" who's source is not found. All my Cairgorm events seem to behave like this now. I re-added the Cairgorm .SWC in the project properties which didn't work. Otherwise, could it be an issue with the updated Flash player? I have no idea.


      I'm on OS X 10.5.8 testing with Safari and Firefox, and my client is using Windows with Firefox.


      Thanks in advance.