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    How to: DNG colors from pentax camera are completely different in camera raw compared to pentax soft

    Luigi forteleoni

      Hi all, i have a problem.


      I always used adobe camera raw to manage RAW files. I find it really fast and friendly compared to many other programs (i mean lightroom, pentax digital camera utility, DxO optics pro, Silkypix, etc.). It has no rivals, on my macbook pro it is absolutely faster than others.


      BUT i found a lot of differences comparing colors (not just tone, but definition inside an object with similar colors) from a DNG using camera raw vs pentax digital camera utility 4. It is a know problem by pentax people. You can check (without the camera) the problem here (see the colorcheker chart): http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/pentaxkx/page14.asp


      I can post examples of what i mean speaking of "definition inside an object with similar colors"...


      I always use the "embedded" camera profile in camera raw, finding it more similar to the pentax software. The adobe standard is really different.



      Is there a way i can bypass this issue? using pentax digital software is really boring…it's unfriendly, SLOW, with bad light adjustments and interface.

      I tried opening the DNG with pentax software and converting it to tiff: the colors are ok, but you lose a lot adjusting light etc.


      thank you all