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    Need help with no camera sounds & recording in Captivate 5

    aellerts2 Level 1

      I am an experienced user of Captivate 3 & 4, but I'm having lots of problems with Captivate 5.  I am working on a Windows 7 OS and have just installed Captivate 5.  When I try to record I can't get any camera sounds, even though I have changed my preferences to show them.  Also, Captivate seems to be recording erratically, and sometimes it is catching actions, other times it isnt'  I am running the program as Administrator and I am very puzzled by this.  Normally Captivate has worked like a charm out of the box.  Now it seems to be fighting my every step of the way.  Am I missing something?


      Audio recording seems spotty too. Sometimes it works just fine, other times Captivate just hangs and doesn't really record any sound.


      Any help would be appreciated/

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hello and welcome to the forum,


          First to be sure: did you install the patch released in December (Help, Updates...)? If not try that first of all. You can find details about the issues solved by this patch in this blog post:

          Patch for Captivate 5


          If this doesn't help, try to clear the cache (Preferences, Global).


          Perhaps (not sure) your Preferences folder has become corrupt. It so, try to find it. In Win7 normally it is a folder (Captivate 5)  in this path:



          Maybe you will have to change the settings to make this folder visible in Explorer, by default it is in a system folder and invisible. You can delete this folder (while CP is closed) and when you restart CP a brandnew one will be created.