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    Color Changes App to App...

    Canned Pug Level 1

      Hello all,


      No matter what profiles I try to make the same and that CS3 is synched across the board, or what profile I soft-proof in, or that the mode is the same, (CMYK) and the spot color the same, the PS file changes color going into InDesign.


      So I keep making necessary changes to the PS file, then updating in ID. By the time it is right in InDesign, it's way off in PS, which is alright, but doesn't make sense.


      Does this sound right or am I missing something?



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          John Danek Level 4

          My only concern is that you are making changes based on what you see on 1.) your monitor, and 2.) from withing an application like InDesign, which in itself, has 3 different view options ( why?  I'll nver know ).  Understand, your files are no more than preview images and may or may not scew upon entry into InDesign.  Forget InDesign.  Rely more on Photoshop.  If you indeed have everything "sync'd", then your final output should holdup.  Go back to your original file in Photoshop.  Forget all this soft-proofing baloney.  Get a contract quality proof of the image file.  If the "print" looks the way you expect it to, then use it in InDesign.  When you are done with your InDesign file, proof it ( get a print proof ).  Compare the original PS file "proof" with your ID proof.  They should match.  If they do not, something is out of sync.  If they do, your workflow is in sync.

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            Canned Pug Level 1

            Thanks John you sound like a no-nonesense guy. I think on the 3 views 

            is if you're concerned with how fast things load. I'm not so concerned 

            with this as the actual color itself...I'm trying to at least dot all 

            the I's and cross as many t's as I can before going to print. the more 

            I research the more I wish I were still dumb fat and happy. It would 

            amount to the same outpoint!





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              John Danek Level 4

              Sorry, I didn't want to come across as a hard-you-know-what.  Are all of your color settings the same in both Photoshop and InDesign?  If so, what are they? What are you using ( hardware, software versions, etc. ) as your work flow?  Do you have on-site proofing capabilities?

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                Canned Pug Level 1

                I wasn't offended at all..not to worry. I like matter-of-fact.


                Yes everything is the same..I have to sign off, so let me do more 



                thanks til then.

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                  Canned Pug Level 1

                  Just to finally get back to this. What I found out was that in the ID swatches panel I happen to widen out the panel, when after the swatch numbers was the word "cop"y. As my cursor hovered over the swatch numbers, another set of numbers popped up in the tool tips...it was actually another number. Don't know why this happened..a fluke, or most likely general mismanagement on my part!


                  thanks for your help.