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    Acrobat reader X (10.01) upgrade fails, new install also fails.


      Acrobat reader 9.4 upgraded itself to reader X ( 10.01 ) Fails to work.


      It appeared to finish fine.

      But the program will not run when I click on the desktop icon.

      I uninstalled it, reinstalled it again, same result It will not run.


      I then went to your ftp site downloaded it form there installed it it still  does not run,


      I uninstalled it, downloaded 9.4 form the ftp site, It installs and runs fine.

      There is no way to send you diagnostic info to adobe as I cannot find an email adress to use.!!!!

      I am using windows XP and have acrobat standard 7.1.4 also installed to generate pdf files.

      Why does reader 9.4.0 work fine and reader 10.01 fails to work?


      I wonder how may people have this problem?