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    member (sprite) issue

      Hopefully someone can help me with the trouble I'm having making my website in Director.

      I have set up a script to swap out members in sprite(10) when a "next" and "previous" button is pushed.
      It works when I click the arrows, however if I mouse over anything else on the Stage, the member in sprite(10) resets to the original (start movie) image.

      The script is basically:

      on mouseup
      global p
      set p = p + 1

      if p = 1 then
      sprite(10).member = "filename1"
      end if

      if p = 2 then
      sprite(10).member = "filename2"
      end if

      if p = etc...


      You can see from the file above - if you click the right arrow (and wait a bit), the new image will appear. Then mouse over the "Industrial Design" tab at the bottom of the page. It resets to the "blank space" image.

      I tried setting up a global script that uses the "p + 1" script, so that no matter where the playback head is, the script is performed, however the "blank space" image flashes first. You can see what I mean if you mouse over the "Illustration" tab at the bottom.

      The only solution I could think of was to put each image on a separate layer and just show/hide the layers, but then I would end up having 100s of layers and it would be too hard to manage.

      Also does anyone know why everything is so lagged? Like changing images and the time it takes to bring up the blur behind the arrows when you mouse over. Image file sizes are small...