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    Audio Track seems locked

    kdoc2 Level 1

      Audio Track 1 works fine partly: the audio plays, I can set a keyframe, and it shows up properly in Audio Mixer. It's an audio which was made separately from the video: ambient sound made with an external recording device--I don't believe it was linked with the video, but it did move with the video 1 via synch lock.


      Now, it seems to be frozen. Double clicking it does not show up in the source monitor. I try to drag (lift or extract) a clip out to move it, and it won't move. I try to extend (pull) one end of a clip, and it won't pull. It will, however, cut and paste into another audio track. I tried turning on and off synch lock in it and other tracks, with no effect. I cannot slide a clip right or left. I've tried selecting and unselecting the track and other tracks by clicking where it says audio 1 or 2 (and where it then turns gray.) This all occurred when I was rearranging clip order.


      What's going on?




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          kdoc2 Level 1

          I just discovered something else. With the problem just described right clicking got no response.But i discovered that by collapsing the clips/track with the little dropdown arrow next to "audio 1" it began to work properly. As long as the track only shows the name of the clip and not the waveforms, all is well. But when I expand the track to show the waveforms (and I have it fairly large vertically, about 1 1/2 inches high, it continues to be partly "frozen" ????



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            Jim_Simon Level 8


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              davidbeisner2010 Level 3

              Very weird indeed... have you tried closing and re-opening this project? Perhaps importing this project into a new one?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                You got me stumpted on this one. Have not read of such.


                To rule out some GUI issue, have you updated your video driver to the latest?


                Odd, and wish that I had something concrete to offer.


                Good luck,



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                  kdoc2 Level 1

                  Just to add to the weirdness, if I move audio one clips to audio 2 or 3 they behave normally.


                  I think I found a simple solution though. I copied and pasted the audio 1 track into another sequence, and it behaves fine in audio 1 track (same project, different sequence). Go figure?


                  By the way, how do you import audio track 1 into a new project, as suggested?


                  Should this be reported somewhere? If one of you is close to Adobe (personally, I  mean) go ahead!



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                    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                    Don't think you can import just one track into a new project, but you can import EITHER your sequence (with its assets) into a new project OR import your whole project into a new one.

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                      kdoc2 Level 1

                      That's what I was asking, then, how do you import a sequence? Where are sequences kept and/or what are they called: Xsequence.what?



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                        davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                        Never actually done it myself, but my understanding is that when you import a project file, it will give you the option of choosing a sequence or importing the entire project... Perhaps one of the other guys who's actually done it can expound...

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                          kdoc2 Level 1

                          Thanks all. While no one can explain what has happened, I've simply made a new sequence, and

                          copied and pasted the old one into this--and the problem no longer shows up.

                          I'd like someone to report this though, if you will.



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                            fabiopb Level 1

                            5 years late, here's the answer to your problem. Premiere "locks" the clips because you activated the key frames of the track (like volume). When you're working with the key frames of the track (instead of the clip) apparently Premiere thinks you should be unable to move or even right click on a clip.


                            To solve the problem change track's key frames to clip's key-frames (sorry if these are not the exact terms in English, my Premiere is in Portuguese). To do that expand a lot the track until you see the waveforms and some more. Then you'll find these key frames controls.


                            Bad interface design. Go figure.

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                              unauthorizedrob Level 1

                              I had the same very weird problem, and YOU ANSWERED IT!!!   I love it when that happens!  Muito obrigado!


                              Just for any others who read this -- the key to the solution is in the little O-shaped button just below the track name, which, when clicked, gives you the option of selecting "clip keyframes".  For me anyway, that "unlocked" the audio track, so I can work with it again.  clip_keyframes.jpeg