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    How you manage Files


      Hi, I find it unwieldy to move stuff about because of the interconnected nature of the programs.  Any suggestions, because last time I tried to organize myself my videos "unlinked".

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          shooternz Level 6

          The trick is to plan your project and your assets into a system that you understand...before you begin

          your project.  eg named folders for assets based on content (vidreo, audio, rushes, grafix etc..),  all within a named Folder that IDs the Project.


          Once you start ...it is very difficult to re organise after the fact..

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            Basically, what Craig said - plan.


            Most of my Projects are rather straightforward, so I have a bit of a "mental template," that I use for most.


            I create my Project on one of my many internal HDD's, or on a FW-800 external, if I plan on migrating between the computers. There might be a Client Name as the "root," but the main "root folder" will be my Project. Below that, I locate my Scratch Disks, and create several rather common folders: Videos, Audio, SFX, Stills, Captures, Music. For non-Capture Assets, I always only work with Copies, while the originals are on my NAS. I also create Finished AVIs, and Finished AC3s. My Encore Projects will appear in this folder hierarchy.


            This makes migrating (if I use the FW-800 externals) easy, and also makes housekeeping easy, when done.


            Hope that helps,