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    Logitech M500 mouse in Premiere?

    Russell G

      I used to use a Dell Precision mouse with CS3 which enabled me to scroll and more importantly go to the next or previous edit point on the timeline by use of the forward/back buttons on the side of the mouse.  The drivers for the Dell mouse were both difficult to track down and didn't seem to work in CS5 so I now have a Logitech M500 mouse which supposedly allows me to do the same.  Running their setpoint configuration seems to allow me to choose Premiere and assign the appropriate buttons to do what I'd like to do, but the mouse additional buttons don't work when CS5 is opened.  Is there a definite answer to the question which was posted some time ago about mouse function buttons?  Does CS5 allow this or not?

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          My Logitech Performance MX mouse has been set up using Logitech's application and is currently doing exactly what you were doing before with CS3. Here are the steps that I followed on a Windows 7 64-bit PC w/ CS5 5.0.3 Premiere Pro:

          1) Load Logitech's SetPoint software (mine shows as Control Center version 6.20.50, driver version 5.20.51)

          2) Locate to My Mouse tab (on top of application) and Advanced Settings tab (bottom tab on left side of application)

          3) Check the "Enable application specific button settings" check-box

          4) Configure Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Page Down button #4 = Page Down and button #5 to Page Up and click OK button


          Possibly these same steps will bring your M500 mouse to do the same.





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            Russell G Level 1

            Jim, you are a hero.


            Worked because I was choosing forward and back instead of page up and down.  Slight gripe in that the front side button doesn't allow you to choose to go forward which would be the intuitive way, but HEY, its better than using the keyboard.


            Thanks Jim


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