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    CS5 Error 23 :: 46 when rendering


      Using AE CS5 I get this error whenever I try to render: After Effects error: Could not convert Unicode characters. (23 :: 46)


      I searched online and found this solution to the same error code for CS3 and CS4, but I tried it and it didn't work, I'm still getting the same error message.


      This happened with the other project I tried to export (which had some Chinese and English in it), but this project didn't have any characters at all in it, the only text is hard-rendered already from an export from Premiere Pro (which doesn't seem to have any problems with text).


      What the heck is causing this? I'm running it on a MacBook Pro, 10.5, with English-US and two Chinese simplified languages as my inputs, but English US is the first one on the list. Anyway, the AMT folder has the en-us and zh-cn files, so I assume it's not an issue with that.


      Does anyone know of a fix for this? If I can't get it to stop doing that, AE is completely useless to me! Agh!


      (Perhaps it's obvious, but I should add, I don't have any language compatibility issues with any other CS5 programs, or at least not premiere and photoshop, which I've already used, nor any other "creative" type programs I've ever used on this computer.)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Have you updated your AE to the 10.0.1 upgrade? It should fix most of these issues. Otherwise look for mixed naming in your source assets, file and folder names. The same problem as explained in the KB articel may occur, if your folders use glyphs that are in an unsupported range. Raniming offending items may solve the problem. Also check your meta data. You may have comments in Chinese or whatever there that also could throw things off. Letting AE ignore the source meta data or manualyl stripping it might help. If it still doesn't, I'm sure the engineers would appreciate having a look at your project, so a short mail to aebugs@adobe.com with the project attached might provide some clues.



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Are there any Chinese characters in the names of source files or in their paths?