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    Help, I need a 720x540, 24fps .flv export without horizontal lines!


      Hi all,


      I need to export a .flv that is 720x540 and plays at 24fps (real-time).  I do not see a project preset that allows that.  I tried the NTSC Standard 48kHz (it's set at 29.97fps) and time-stretched my video to the correct framerate to sync my audio correctly.  However, my video contained horizontal lines, particularly during areas of motion.  I enabled the "Always Deinterlace" option, as well as the "Reverse Field Dominance" option, but I still see the lines.  Next, I tried the NTSC AVCHD LITE 720p24 setting (set at 24fps); the problem here is that this setting is for 1280x720 video, so it shrunk the exported video and increased the size of the black border.  I have another 720x540 video (but at 29.97fps), so that one had no problems with the first setting (as I believe the aforementioned time-stretching caused those horizontal lines).


      What should I do?  I am completely stuck.  I am using Premiere Elements 9.


      Thank you very much,