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    AIR webkit massive memory leaks


      I have come across some webpages that cause heavy memory leaks when opened in an AIR WebKit instance (the mx.controls.HTML component). These webpages cause the AIR app to become unresponsive and the scrolling of the webpages becomes painfully jittery. Note that these pages load fine in other webkit browsers on which I've tested them side by side, including Google Chrome and Safari.


      To test the webpages I created a simple AIR app with just an HTML component inside. To test each webpage's memory footprint, I started a new instance of the app, and noticed the memory usage before and after the page loaded using Windows Task Manager.
      I'm using AIR SDK 2.5 and runtime 2.5.1 and Flash Builder 4 on Windows XP SP2, 32-bit, 2GB ram, Core2Duo 2.0 GHz
      Here are the results:
      (Webpage, memory before, memory after, page url)
      Are there any setting/tweaks I need to perform to the HTML or HTMLLoader classes to make these pages load fine?
      Other problematic webpages: