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    Creating Time Lapse Video from set of pictures


      Is there a way to set the duration of all pictures when creating a video from a set of pictures?


      I can see that you can select individual pictures, use the "time stretch" and reduce the duration of the picture.

      However, if I select all the pictures, in the timeline, and try the same thing the value in the "time stretch" menu is grayed out/ not editable.


      Also are there any good tutorials published on creating a time lapse video from a set of pictures.

      It appears to me that the help function only deals with the built in tools and they are focused on capture of pictures for time lapse video.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Depending on what I want to do with either Time Lapse, or Stop Motion, I set the desired Duration in Edit>Preferences, before Import. There is no easy way to adjust the Duration, after Import, other than click-drag on the Head, or Tail, and probably with the Info Panel open.


          For most Stop Motion, I like a 3 Frame Duration, though that does differ by the subject matter, and the "look" that I want.


          Good luck, and hope that helps,




          PS - don't forget to reset the Edit>Preferences>General>Still Duration back, or you will be surprised, when you do, say a Title.

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            dorich24 Level 1

            @ Bill Hunt


            Hi Bill:


            Thanks for your response.


            It turned out that the problem with setting all the durations in one action was caused by the fact that I had different durations on a couple of pictures. Once I reset all pictures to the same duration I found I could do the following:


            • Select all pictures in the timeline.
            • Right click on one picture in the timeline and select time stretch.
            • I then set the last two digits to 03.
            • All pictures then shrunk on the timeline and I was able to create the effect I was looking for.


            After note:

            1. It seemed that the 03 was a little harsh and so I changed to 05 and the flow of the pictures seemed more graceful. However, I suspect this might be 2011-02-14ermined by the number of pictures you are processing. In my case is was only a couple of hundred.
            2. This was for a time lapse - sun setting on Half Dome at Yosemite.


            Thanks for your help.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Good news, and thank you for reporting your steps, and your success.


              Good luck,