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    Audio lost on imported file

    lliu1979 Level 1

      Okay here's my situation. A file I have in my project is missing the audio. The audio track is still there, but no sound is coming out of it when I play it. When I go to my drive and play the file off of my media player, everything is fine. Also, other files I imported that were shot on the same tape are fine. I've restarted numerous times and deleted and imported the file again, as well as made an extra copy and re-imported it from there, and still no sound.


      This happened with some other footage from before, but I remember the sound came back eventually after I restarted or re-imported. No luck with this one so far. The only suspicious thing I can think of that I did was I imported it into After Effects and played around with it a bit. Seems like it was after doing this that I lost the sound, although I tried it with another clip and it didn't happen with that clip so really I'm dumbfounded at this point.


      I'm just gonna re-capture the footage but it'd be nice to know what the issue might be.