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    Word import - hyperlinks work in one document, not in another

    robert-sfl Level 1

      Hi all,

      I am aware that much has been written about broken links after importing, but there is a strange pattern to my problem I have not seen before.


      I have three language versions of one document (English, French, German). So I set up three independent RoboHelp 8 projects and imported (linked) the corresponding Word documents. English and German are no problem, but in the French project, some (10%) cross-refs are not converted to hyperlinks. The involved titles have no accents, so it is probably not a character set problem. If I update the Word link or force update, it is always exactly the same cross-refs that are not converted correctly.


      The cross-refs in Word look like this:


      {HYPERLINK \I " title "}


      The cross-refs that do convert correctly have the same format, I see no difference between cross-references that work in RH and those that don't.


      Any ideas about this?