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    Loading images problem

      I am sending some input values to php from my flash movie. Php after receiving those values writes them to a text file and then executes a program. This program generates some images. Now I want to load those images into flash movie at the front end.
      Issue is how I make sure that my flash movie retrieves images when they have been generated by the application at the server.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          How about this..
          When you send the original input values from flash, could the php script return a reference to the 'job' (the user session itself may be enough so this may not be needed perhaps if there will only ever be one 'job' from one user running at once) .

          Then flash could poll the server at regular intervals 'asking' if the job is finished yet. If it is the return values from that php script would include the urls of the newly created images... and flash could download them.
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            atlkhan Level 1
            Sounds great, what kind of functionality flash has to offer for this kind of scheme. I can look into php to see If I can code something like that.