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    AIR Development for Samsung Smart TV


      Hi, i was starting to explore the development of AIR application for the use on Samsung Internet@TV, i searched the site and found some useful info, but couldn't find some info that i was needing and basically.


      1) Is the devolopment of Air apps for Samsung already going or does it have to still be released?

      2) Using Flash CS5 or Flash Builder, do you develop a generic App for AIR 2 or is there a specific method to create them?

      2) How do you port an Air app on a Samsung tv for testing ( if this is already possibile)?

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          In regards to building applications, you use the AIR 2.5 SDK and target your application the "tv" profile. The AIR docs describe what API's are available for what profiles. Also ADC has a Flash Platform TV section here - http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/flash_platform_tv.html


          Little information about the Samsung TV marketplace and actual devices are known at this time from the developer prespective. As more information becomes available you will see it talked about on ADC.

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            Hi all,

            are there any updates about available Samsung Devices supporting ADOBE AIR?

            Eventually when will these devices be put on the market?

            Thanks in advance

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              speedy82 Level 1

              Sorry, just another question,

              how can I get "MAX 2010 AIR for TV Jumpstart Kit" to develop for TV? How can I contact Adobe AIR for TV team?


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                speedy82 Level 1


                actually  I need Adobe AIR for TV with the MAX 2010 Hardware Developer Kit to develop Air Application for TV, how can I purchase as developer this device?



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                  I was finally able to get my app on a Samsung TV using Flash Builder as my development tool. Here's some more info on this subject. You actually have to overlay the Air 2.6 SDK - not the 2.5 SDK.

                  Also make sure when you finally package the TV app to change the application XML to point to 2.5,. During development you can leave it as 2.6.




                  @see http://learn.adobe.com/wiki/display/airquestions/AIR+for+TV



                  What tools do developers use to create AIR 2.5.1 apps for TVs?

                  Developers can use the following tools:

                  Note: Developers can use the AIR 2.6 SDK for developing apps for AIR 2.5.1 for TV. In Flash Professional, set the publish settings to Adobe AIR 2.5. In Flash Builder, set the AIR namespace to 2.5 in the app descriptor file:
                  <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/2.5">.
                  If you are using Flash Builder 4.5, you must do the following:

                  1. Download the Flex SDK.
                  2. Download the AIR 2.6 SDK.
                  3. Copy each file from the AIR 2.6 SDK into the corresponding directory within the Flex 4.1 SDK, replacing the Flex original variants.
                  4. To use this SDK within Flash Builder, select your project in the Flash Builder package explorer.
                  5. Choose Project > Properties to open the project's Properties dialog box.
                  6. Select Flex Compiler in the list and then click the "Configure Flex SDKs" link to open the Preferences dialog box.
                  7. Click the Add button, browse to the SDK, and then click OK until you get back to the project's Properties dialog box.
                  8. Click the "Use a specific SDK" option and then pick Flex 4.1 from the drop-down menu.

                  You must also replace the default WindowedApplication element with Application in your project's MXML file.

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                    abeihl Level 1

                    A few questions:


                    • What model number of TV?
                    • Have you tried AIR 2.7 ?



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                      JAXIMFLASH Level 1

                      I did try the highest SDKs that come with Flash Builder 4.5.1 and my hello world app did not load on the Samsung device. I was only successful when I used Flex 4.1 SDK overlayed with Air 2.6 SDK. Perhaps you can still overlay the Air 2.7 SDK with the Flex 4.1 SDK, but I did not try that.


                      The Samsung TV model I have is un55d8000.

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                        Jens Eckervogt

                        Hello guys,


                        Are you are developing for Samsung TV


                        Nice for info! I try App for Samsung TV. An Air App is subtitle tool for deafness

                        My display television model is Samsung TV UE37D6500. What does Samsung TV UE37D6500  support? Adobe AIr 2.7.1 or hightest version? Or Samsung TV driver will upgrade?


                        I am developer for Adobe Air but i need support for audio output-to-subtitle.


                        If you are deaf than you do not understand on display television. But you have luck because sender of television are in the us and it has not problem for completed sender programs with subtitles. Now it has bug problem in Germany. Look at facebook. sometimes little of english. Sorry it to many German Language http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=135561826530220


                        Now I want to need help by you. If you know about audio output into text or label display? If i am deaf than television in Germany has problem. it has not subtitle. It is possible? Cam adobe air make from audio into subtitle output?


                        What do i use AS3? - If i know like audio say "a" than Adobe Air will show text or label "a".


                        Can Adobe Air 2.7 or hightest version work all television models? Samsung, Sony, Apple and more newest display televisions?


                        Thanks Mister Eckervogt

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                          Yes, it is possible to start building applications for TV. There are several sessions at MAX that will discuss TV. Including one on how to build apps for TV.



                          The session "TV: The Final Frontier for App Monetization" will discuss how to get apps onto a Samsung TV.

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                            How do you use Flex SDK with AIR 2.6 SDK .

                            If I overlay Flex SDK and change descriptor to use 2.5 . I can't compile . because of error

                            Description Resource Path Location Type

                            Namespace 2.5.0 in the application descriptor file should be equal or higher than the minimum version 2.6.0 required by Flex SDK.


                            How this works for you ?


                            THank you ,

                            Dimitar Marinov

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                              JAXIMFLASH Level 1

                              Compile your SWF using 2.6 in your application XML file. The Samsung TV app doesn't use the compiled airi file.  You will need to put all the contents of the airi file within a zip file. You will also need to create a Samsung specific config XML file within the zip app file. The last thing you will need to do before you are done with your Samsung TV app zip file is change the application XML file within the zip file so instead of specifying 2.6, it specifies 2.5.

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                                Joe ... Ward Level 4

                                To get rid of the error, go into the SDK and edit the file: templates/air/descriptor-template.xml. Change the last number in the namespace from 2.6 to 2.5.

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                                  daslicht Level 2

                                  Hello Guys,

                                  just got an UE55D6500 Samsung Smart TV set.

                                  I have read that it only supports upto Flash Player 10.1.


                                  Is there a way to update the Flash Player on the TV so that I can develop with Flash Builder 4.5.1 and vie the sites with the TV Web Browser ?